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Leading tour operator. Wide range of services. Exceptional reputation.


The tour operator Mouzenidis Travel has taken a leading position in the tourism market since its foundation in 1995, becoming the basis of a large international holding Mouzenidis Group, which today unites more than two dozen successful companies. The multifaceted capabilities of the holding allow Mouzenidis Travel to create and offer tourists an unprecedented variety of tours and travel options to Greece and not only at the best prices.


The head office of Mouzenidis Travel is located in Greece, in  Thessaloniki city, the tour operator's offices are present  in the resorts and regions of the country: Athens, Pieria, Chalkidiki Peninsula, Peloponnese Peninsula, Fr. Crete, about. Corfu, about. Rhodes, about. Thassos, about. Zakynthos. The company's regional network is constantly expanding, the number of offices in the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Romania, Serbia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland, Hungary, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus today exceeds 80 and continues to grow.


In 2016-2020, the company opened new directions of outbound tourism: Cyprus, ski resorts in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Maldives, Mauritius, UAE, Qatar, Oman.


The flow of tourists welcomed by Mouzenidis Travel in Greece from 1998 to 2020 increased more than 60 times. In the near future the company is planning to reach the figure of 1 million tourists a year.


The goal of Mouzenidis Travel is to achieve an impeccable quality of service for tourists and the price attractiveness of the offered tours. This is made possible by the company's internal policy. Mouzenidis Travel takes care of tourists from the very beginning of the tour until they return home, which allows them to control the quality of service at all stages of the trip.


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A leading meetings and events company providing comprehensive MICE services from planning to execution

Our dedicated events team delivers innovative, unique solutions tailor-made to your requirements to create a remarkable experience for your team. 
Our competitive advantages: 
• Over 20 years of building knowledge and establishing around our destinations  
• An in-house team of experts dedicated solely to MICE projects  
• Direct contracts with hotels and service providers, ensuring purchasing and negotiating power and ability to offer optimum solutions to our clients  
• Quality monitoring in all stages of the project 
• As part of Mouzenidis Group we are privileged to utilize: 
    • Ellinair aviation - with own fleet of planes  
    • Our own fleet of buses, minivans and cars that is one of the largest in the Balkans


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Ellinair, part of the international holding Mouzenidis Group, was created to provide passenger transport services to the fast-growing and constantly developing company Mouzenidis Travel.


The airline is based at Makedonia  Airport in Thessaloniki.


The fleet includes:

1 Airbus 319 (144 flight seats), 4 Airbus 320 (180 flight seats).


The airline staff consists of over 300 experienced professionals:

• flying personnel

• managers of technical, economic and commercial training.


Ellinair operates charter and regular flights connecting Greece with cities in Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe, as well as Thessaloniki with Athens and Heraklion.

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Elion Club is a VIP department with highly skilled staff and an extensive experience in VIP leisure travel.

 “Elion Club” of “Mouzenidis Group” is your guide to exclusive holidays!


Elion Club has qualified staff, an extensive experience of many successful years of work and recognizable symbols, inspired by the noble olive tree.

It is created for those who know what Dolce Vita is and want to turn their vacation into an unforgettable celebration of soul.


Elion Club’s advantages:

• full privacy and confidetiality

• selection of tailor-made travel options for the most discerning customers

• exclusive vacations at luxury villas and hotels

• private VIP-loungers and services at airports

• our own fleet of top class vehicles with professional drivers

• a full range of services from private butler, jet hire, helicopter tours to luxury yacht cruises

• many of company's clients are amongst the most prestigious representatives from politics, business, sports and show business


Comprehensive information on the website of “Elion Club Mouzenidis Group”


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Grekodom Development professionally addresses  issues related to the sale, purchase and construction in Greece and Cyprus. The company's specialists provide an individual approach to all customer requirements.

There is no doubt that one of the most attractive countries for buying real estate is Greece.

That is why the Grekodom company, created on the basis of the Mouzenidis Group holding, which has many years of experience in the field of tourism, offers its clients a wide range of services related to the purchase, construction, decoration and everything related to the topic of real estate in Greece and Cyprus.

High qualifications and many years of experience of Grekodom employees provide a professional approach to business. Experts in their field hold free consultations regarding the acquisition of real estate in Greece and Cyprus, implementing an individual approach to all the requirements of their clients. Full legal support, architectural design, turnkey construction - this is not all that we can offer.

Keeping pace with the times, Grekodom offers its clients various options for real estate in Greece and Cyprus, from small cozy apartments in resort towns to exclusive luxury villas on the picturesque coast. And the main priority of the company remains an individual approach and maximum assistance to clients in purchasing real estate in Greece and Cyprus.


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Ellin Camp specialises in creating quality for children aged 6-16 in the popular hotels and children camps

More than 2000 delighted children and 4000 satisfied parents every year.

• healthy and delicious menu filled with a varied selection of foods

• twenty-four-hour medical care

• comfortable accommondation

• excellent security ensuring high safety

• highest security standards 

• fascinating excursions

• fascinating outdoor active games in beautiful landscapes

• interesting events: radio EllinCamp-FM, photo run, adventures and quests, creative workshops, master classes

• evening show programs and dancing


Bright summer entertainment, positive emotions and wonderful recollections: fabulous summer vacations in Ellin Camp is the best present to your children!



Over 3000 plots available for one of the biggest construction projects in Greece

 The Kriaritsi area is located on the ecologically clean coast of the Sithonia peninsula, in a picturesque area, from each point of which beautiful panoramic views of the sea and Mount Athos open.

The area is located on the lands that previously belonged to the monastery of St. Paul, in whose honor it received its second name.

The Kriaritsi project is a territory with a total area of 1324.4 hectares, divided into more than 3000 land plots of 500 sq.m. each, while the organization of the infrastructure of the village is carried out at the highest level. The general plan of the area was approved by the state in the 90s of the last century, after which roads and utilities were built with a total cost of about 50 million euros.

In 2016, Grekodom entered the project and started building individual houses. A project was carried out to modernize the master plan, the infrastructure of the district was worked out, standard projects of houses of various sizes were developed. Now the Kriaritsi project has become more attractive for investors and tourists. In the future, it is planned to build a marina, shops, taverns and much more.

The coastline of Kriaritsi is one of the best beach destinations on the Halkidiki peninsula: for 6.5 km, graphic rocky shores alternate with coves renowned for their luxurious, immaculate sandy beaches. The sea water near the coast is transparent and strikes with the play of colors, visually changing from bright turquoise to deep blue.

At this stage, the company invites interested investors and future owners of villas in such a unique area to a dialogue. Perhaps your house will become a real architectural decoration of Kriaritsi.

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Mouzenidis Intour is a part of the holding Mouzenidis Group, specialized in the development, promotion and implementation of inbound trips.

Providing tourist services in the country and maintain high quality at all stages of our client's trip to Russia

Mouzenidis Intour offers various tours to Moscow, St. Petersburg, the ''Golden Ring'', Krasnodar Krai and Trans-Baikal, Tatarstan, Kamchatka and many more.


Clients can book hotels, tickets and transfers with Mouzenidis InTour to all the above mentioned destinations. Additionally, are offered VIP and MICE services, is provided visa support as well.


Regardless of purpose of the visit: personal visits, group or corporate trips, exhibitions, conferences, events- all requests are approached individually and the clients are offered high quality of services during the whole trip.


Travel with Mouzenidis Intour: excursions and weekend tours, pilgrimages and river cruises, Christmas and New Year tours, adventure, ecological and gastronomical routes.


Impeccable service of the company Mouzenidis Intour and extensive experience will ensure the reliable guidance and precise organisation of your trip.



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“Mouzenidis Consulting Services” is a modern consulting company focused on the goals and needs of foreign investors in Greece.

The main activities of our company are:

• Creation and launch of European and foreign companies activities

• Creation of branches and subsidiaries of foreign legal entities

• Tax monitoring of individuals and legal entities specializing in tax residency in treaties for the avoidance of double taxation and taxable foreign income.

• Accounting services

• Organization and management of human resources in existing companies

• Due diligence of companies of any organizational and legal form

• Mergers and acquisitions of domestic and foreign companies

• Transfer of company shares of any organizational and legal form

• Assisting  in navigation in wide range of global banking services, from opening a bank account to managing investment portfolios.

• Valuation and management of urban and commercial real estate (sale, lease, short-term lease through electronic platforms)

• European residence permit of any category (golden visa, strategic investments, financially independent persons, etc.). Official member of the Investment Migration Council since 2017.

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Family Club Grekoleto-a special entertainment project, a gift from Mouzenidis Group for children and adults.


Family Club Grekoleto is a special animation gift project from the Mouzenidis Group Holding for guests of all ages in the BOMO hotels in Greece.

Separate animation program for each age group  that corresponds to the hotel's format has been developed. Today this project is international. Multilingual universal animators with experience and education work 7 days a week!

Mainly in BOMO hotels:

Children's animation program

You may relax, because your children are in good hands. At your service entertainment programs on site at any weather:

• Full immersion in Greek culture through theatrical shows, dances and songs

• Master classes in cooking Greek dishes and pastries

• Interactive programs and quests

• Fitness programs for toddlers and adolescents, taking into account age groups

• Mini club with full furniture, green lawns and areas in the shade of trees for outdoor games.

• Free unlimited access to drinking water

• Organization of a birthday or other event while on vacation.

• Themed mini-disco

Animation program for adults

All kinds of Greek pleasure and comfort from dawn to dusk. We have selected the best dancers, musicians, fitness trainers, actors so that the memories of vacation are painted in the brightest colors:

• Entertaining music shows

• Cooking duels and master classes with the participation of chefs with their original recipes

• Wine tastings with the participation of famous winemakers

• Sports and water activities with a coach

• Organization and holding of festive events on the site

• Assistance in holding corporate events

• Art programs for every taste, interest clubs

• As part of the animation program, the project team not only entertains guests, but also introduces the culture, customs and traditions of the country.

We look forward to making your Greek summer unforgettable!

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CS & R Air Services is a qualified freight forwarder and IATA cargo agent, providing a full range of services in various fields of aircraft maintenance and freight services worldwide.

The company CS&R, founded in 1997 in Kastoria, is part of the holding “Mouzenidis Group”.


A few facts:

• qualified Freight Forwarder and IATA Cargo Agent

• member of the Greek Association of Supply Chain Management and Logistics

• full service in different domains of aircraft supporting and maintenance

• global air freight services

• high quality service focused on customers’ needs and freight specific requirements.


Primary activities:

• Cargo Services: freight management and transportation worldwide

• Representations: international representative in Greece

• Business Aviation: business- and VIP-aviation, aircraft ground handling at Greek airports

• Airport Parking: management of airport parking lots at Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia”.

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Greek Orthodox Pilgrimage Center - organizes various pilgrimages to Greek, Cypriot, Georgian and Italian sacred sites.


• organizes various pilgrimages to Greek and Cuprus sacred sites, applying long-term experience, profound knowledge of Greek and Cypriot shrines and specific information of the pilgrimages

• with the support of the company Mouzenidis Travel, the center  provides pilgrims with appropriate hotels, new buses, professional drivers, excellent meal packages, including fasting food menu

• professional guides with a thorough theological education accompany each group

• throughout the journey pilgrims are spiritually directed by an orthodox priest who performs church services, conducts confessions, leads spiritual discussions

• Solun invites you to visit both glorified and little-known shrines: Mount Athos (can be visited only by men), Meteora, relics of St. Spyridonas on Corfu, St. Demetrius church in Thessaloniki, Holy Belt of the Virgin, Italian city of Bari with St. Nicholas Church

• multi-day journeys include at least one Divine Liturgy.

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Bomo Hotels is a hotel company featuring highest standards for hospitality!


Bomo Hotels is a chain of club hotels and hotel complexes of 3 * - 5 *  under the management of the international holding Mouzenidis Group.

Hotels of the chain are located in Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, UAE, Russia and Turkey. Each of them has its own history and unique concept, but they all share the high quality standards .

Beach hotels, city hotels, family hotels, resort hotels and boutique hotels - at Bomo Hotels you will find the perfect hotel to suit all your ideas of the perfect vacation.

Bomo Hotels - Hospitality as an Art.

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Perseas Security offers a wide range of security services with the use of modern technology advances in security and physical protection.

Perseas Security offers a wide range of security services with the use of modern technology advances in security and physical protection, ensuring safety of all property categories, as well as physical protection of our clients on the territory of Greece.


A few facts:

• staff members are reserve officers of  Greece and CIS countries

• long-term experience of ensuring professional protection and safety of real property, as well as physical protection of individuals, security services for public events, etc.


Activities and services:

• twenty-four-hour security services

• complex solutions for property security

• surveillance of properties 

• stationary and mobile security systems

• monitoring of situations in protected properties

• physical protection of clients

• control of public events, security during concerts, celebrations, banquets

• access control to properties. 

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Enigma Shopping Center

Welcome to the new Enigma Shopping Center for comfort and entertainment!

Immerse yourself in a world that can completely change the way you think about shopping and customer focus.

For your convenience, on site there is a Grekoleto club playground where you can leave children with professional nannies and animators who speak Russian, English and Greek. You can rest assured that your child will have a fun and useful time while you are busy shopping.

There is a spacious guarded private parking on the territory of the center. Also, free buses run around the entire Halkidiki peninsula: hotel-Enigma Shopping center-hotel.

The complex offers:

• 16 leading fur boutiques, leather clothing store

• Jewelry shop with products in traditional Byzantine style, antiques

• Perfumery and cosmetics shops

• Optics store

• Departments stores of the large Kanellopoulos chain with a wide range of clothing, footwear and accessories of world famous brands

• Gift shop

• Shop with Greek traditional products

• Wine boutique "Cava Idea" with a unique collection of Greek wines; daily tastings

• Icon shop Monastic Art with church attributes from the Athonite monastery Vatopedi

• Restaurant with traditional Greek cuisine.

• Tax free

• Throughout the territory there is an elevator and a ramp for people with disabilities, WI-FI is available.


 Enigma Shopping Center awaits guests every day at:

Crossroads Nea Moudania-Marmaras

63 200 Nea Moudania - Halkidiki - Greece

Coordinates: 40.242238 23.300950

Phone: 23730 65100

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Greek Furs - is a new online project dedicated to the world of Greek fur products and especially to the city of Kastoria with numerous fur factories, salons and comfortable showrooms, representing a large selection of products from different fur types

Kastoria is regarded as the center of the world fur industry, known for high quality of furs and the details that indicate the origin of the fur. It should be mentioned that furs made in Kastoria are exported to various countries all over the world.


A few facts:

• Greek furs' website

• guide to Kastoria region and fur factories

• created to provide information to visitors and help travel agencies

• fur types, fashion trends, Kastoria fur factories, shop tours to Greece, fur prices and

  professional fur news

• Kastoria video-presentations

• photos of fur factories

• virtual tours

• information on travel companies specializing on fur shopping tours

• online chat with travel agents offering real-time consultations

• free training and skill development programs for professionals in travel and tourism industry

• information on exceptional quality fur products labeled "Made in Greece. Produced in Kastoria."

Parking Airport
Parking Airport

Parking Airport

Official parking lots at Thessaloniki and Kavala airports are at the service of those of our clients who value convenience and comfort while traveling.

Parking spaces are available 24 hours a day. No advance booking required.

You can always calculate the cost of parking and make sure that we have flexible and friendly prices.

We would like to draw the attention of frequent flyers to a monthly pass, which gives the possibility of unlimited stay, as well as entry and exit to parking areas.



Young travelers club iGen (Iā€™ m from new generation) for children and teenagers

iGen Mouzenidis Group

Proposals are aimed at expanding children’s’ horizons, strengthening health, revealing talents and aimed to develop and up growth younger generation. 

Original educational projects for children and teenagers

Tours for students on school holidays

Parents with children travels. Family Camp

Sport events and tournaments 

Organizing and supporting creative Festival and gatherings

Organizing wellness children and family camps

Excursion and active programs for children and teenagers


Exciting, comfortable, healthy and, most important, safe holiday awaits for our young travelers year round.